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Useful Books - Our Selections & Reviews

A selection of books we found useful and we think you will too. We've rated them on the basis of how useful we find them. Following the link to to Amazon does not commit you to buying but you can find more details on the individual book, other people's reviews etc.

Vegetable and Fruit Growing Books

Self Sufficiency Books

Recipe, Cooking and Preserving Books

Frugal and Green Living Books

Poultry and Livestock Keeping Books

Allotment Books for Growers

Backyard - Keeping Chickens at Home

Bee Keeping Books

Growing Herbs & Using Herbs as Natural Medicines

General Gardening Books of Value

Gardening & Associated DVDs

Wild & Free Foods

DIY & Construction Books

Solar, Wind and Alternative Energy

Save Money & Save the Planet at the same time!

Low Cost Living
Low Cost Living
The Book!

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