Liver and Onions Recipe

Submitted by Lardman

4 slices lambs liver – from a butcher not the supermarket vac packs you’ll just get bits.
4 large onions – more if you like.
Gravy (powder – but granules if you must)

2 large potatoes
1/2 a cabbage – or a few handfuls of sprouts
4  carrots

Cook cabbage and carrots to your liking, drain, but save a mug of the water.

Boil potatoes and mash lightly.

Roughly slice onions ,  sweat slightly in large frying pan.  Add liver – cook each side for a few minutes until coloured.  Don’t over cook it otherwise it will have the same texture as a rubber door seal.  It doesn’t matter if it still bleeds when you stab it.

Add vegetable water to gravy powder and cornflour (or granules) and add to pan.

Simmer the lot down turning the liver occasionally – 10 minutes max or until liver is to your taste.


Plate up mash, vegetables and a goodly amount of liver and onions.

Has to be less than £1 a head.

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