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Low Cost Living - The Self Sufficient Home

Being frugal? Being thrifty? Being cost-effective? Being green?
Or just being sensible & self-sufficient?

Living the Good Life
Living the good life

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Raising chickens as table birds for their meat? 3 pages of help for you:

Looking to buy hens, pullets, hatching eggs? Check out the Poultry Suppliers

If you like a drink (and most of us do!) why pay a fortune in tax? You can make your own wine, beer and cider for a fraction of the price of buying from the shop.

Frugal Food Recipes

Times are hard, jobs few and badly paid and even social security doesn't pay what it used to but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great quality of life and good standard of living.

Every penny saved is more than a penny earned, because of the tax. You can have a warm, comfortable home, enjoy good food and plenty of it and be fulfilled even if you are suffering hard times.

Our income has been so low at times we were below the poverty line. Yet we have never felt poor - In fact, we've felt rich.

That's because we are frugal, cost-effective and self sufficient.

We spend very little on food, but we eat well. Growing your own fruit & vegetables saves money as does fresh eggs from the chickens but you can't supply everything you need yourself.

We explain how to win against the supermarkets and take advantage of them to reduce your weekly bills. Be a savvy shopper not a consumer drone.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We're not eco-warriors but we have reduced our carbon footprint and we recycle as much as anybody can in our western society. We grow much of our own food and cook efficiently, which reduces food miles and our carbon footprint.

It doesn't stop there, we've reduced our energy usage dramatically, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy modern conveniences, we do. The good life in the suburbs is possible, you can get by on less without being miserable.

Real Practical Green Ways

It's not about theoretical and impractical 'green' ideas that make little sense and cost a fortune. It's about real things that real people can do. People like us, living in a normal house. Yes, we would love 5 acres in the countryside. We'd also like to win the lottery, but you need to buy a ticket!

So, we hope this web site helps you to enjoy life, get off the treadmill a bit more and maybe even wave the rat race goodbye. On the right we've explained what the different sections of the site are about, do delve further and who knows? you may find ideas to help you.

Frugality (also known as thrift or thriftiness), often confused with cheapness or miserliness, is a traditional value, life style, or belief system, in which individuals practice both restraint in the acquiring of and resourceful use of economic goods and services in order to achieve lasting and more fulfilling goals. In a money-based economy, frugality emphasizes economical use of money in meeting long term personal, familial, and communal desires - Wikipedia.

Low Cost Living Book
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Low Cost Living

What's in Low Cost Living?

In Money we look at how to save money and ways to make extra money - love of it may be the root of all evil, but we need it!

In Energy you will find help on reducing your bills and some practical advice on generating your own

Food is all about frugal eating, which is not eating badly - eat better for less!

Self Sufficiency is about doing for yourself. It includes our grow your own and Home & Garden articles

Backgarden Hens helps you to become an urban farmer with your own livestock, even with a small backyard.

Home Brewing - a fascinating hobby that saves you a fortune. Check out our country wine recipes

Books etc - we've selected and reviewed books of interest to those looking for the good life. It includes links to websites as well.

Green Gear - The eco shop!

Green Life - our life and thoughts

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