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Low Cost Living Information Web Links

There's a wealth of information to help you live a better and more frugal life style. We've selected web sites that we think are good and helpful.

Chickens and Poultry Keeping

Help and advice from sites about keeping hens, chickens ducks, geese etc at home   More information on Chickens

Energy Saving and Alternative Energy Generation

These pages will help you with saving energy and with generating your own alternative energy with wind generators, solar power etc   More information on Energy

Cooking and Producing Food

Web sites that help you with cooking and producing your own food   More information on Food

Growing Your Own - Fruit and Vegetables

Pages that will help you with growing your own fruit and vegetables   More information on Grow Your Own

Money and Finance

Websites we find helpful to do with money, finance, business, debt etc.   More information on Money

Self Sufficiency and Frugal Living

Help and advice on living the greener good life, downshifting etc   More information on Self Sufficiency

Transport Web Sites

Help and information on transport topics - cars, bikes, trains etc   More information on Transport


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