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Until a recent bout of sensitivity I wasn’t even aware that the same chemicals SLS/SLES used as foaming in bath and shower products is also used to foam your toothpaste in your mouth.


Again, a good reason for reading packaging as a detailed look shows a number of surprises such as the length of the ingredient list as well as the fact that 95% of commercial toothpastes contain SLS/SLES. Organic SLS/SLES free toothpastes are available at a comparable cost to high street brands as well as natural flavoured options for children.


The SLS/SLES contained in toothpaste is shown to have an effect on people with sensitive teeth, or even to cause the sensitivity in the first place. Swapping products, at least for me, has drastically improved the sensitivity and has not cost me any more in the pocket. On a linked note, make sure you turn the tap off when brushing your teeth; this can save up to 12 litres per brushing.


Another area to look out for is mouthwash. The list or ingredients again seems more like a science exam that something you want to be swishing around your mouth twice a day. Look out for organic or natural chemical free versions that are the same price, but better for you. Remember that toothpaste and mouthwash ends up down the plug hole and what’s damaging for you is also damaging for the ecosystem.


Alternative toothbrushes are now common place with options such as changeable heads, wooden toothbrushes suitable for composting and “natural” tooth brushes derived from Araak root. Try shopping around and see what you find works best for you, but remember that a conventional toothbrush disposed of every three months takes 100 years to decompose. If you do remain using a conventional brush, try using it around the house once it’s no longer any good for your teeth. They are excellent for cleaning around taps or inside toilet bowls.


For more information on this and other low cost environmentally friendly alternatives try reading John Harrison’s Low Cost Living or visit the site


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