Wet, windy, and bored

It has been a wet few days here in North Wales. This means one thing – a bored toddler! Although I had said we could go puddle splashing yesterday, the rain was so heavy and fog so thick, that neither of us fancied leaving the warm living room and cozy fire, so instead we settled down with some popcorn and Chicken Run, snuggled under the duvet. Amazingly for Gabe despite the fact he hadn’t run around lots he was ready for bed nice and early, I think it is these dark days making us all a little sleepy.

Farmers’ Market

Today is a better day, we will have a dry afternoon and maybe even a little sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Gary has a list of jobs he wants to get done, including a deep clean of the chicken coop, so we need to get out from underfoot. First off we are heading down to a local village, Sarn, where they hold a monthly farmers market. I only need a few bits of veg, but Gabe enjoys strolling around the stalls; I suspect due to all the freebie food they hand out! Since we didn’t get out yesterday we still have a little bit of our social budget left, hopefully enough for a cuppa for me and small slice of cake for Gabe whilst we are there.

Yule Crafts & Present Making

This afternoon we are starting our Yule crafts. I have a pinterest board full of ideas, but sadly not the artistic ability to make most of them 😉 So I think we will stick to hand and foot Reindeer cards and maybe try some home made ornaments to send to family. Although our decorations won’t be going up for at least another month, I want to be prepared nice and early to stop any last minute buying panic if our home made endeavors fail.

I’ll post the results on here once we make them, although hopefully no laughing!


PizzaWe’ve kept on with our meal plan all week, and it has really helped us keep to the budget. Last night we made pizza. Pizza dough is so simple and quick to make – 300g flour, 200ml water, tsp quick yeast, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt, and flour for dusting and rolling/tossing – plus it means everyone can have their own favourite.

Tonight will be a warming stew with all the veg left over in the fridge to be used up, some stock I made from lamb bones and froze up, and some diced lamb we had in the freezer. We live in an area with a lot of sheep farmers, so buy a whole lamb in May/June time from a local farmer. It is far cheaper than butcher or supermarket prices, and it means we know just how well they were raised.


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