5 Tips for Limiting Your Spending During a Pandemic

Times are hard for everyone at the moment, but for some more than others. Many have been forced to downsize, while others are finding themselves struggling for the very first time in their lives. Difficult decisions have to be made and cutting spending is at the top of the list. The issue is that for many people, this is the first time they really had to budget for anything. Others might be realising how wasteful they’ve been and don’t know how to make smart purchase decisions. Let’s take a look at how you can limit your spending during a pandemic.

Ditch Disposable Masks

If you’re using disposable masks, you’re wasting money in more ways than one. First, you have to constantly replace them, which can become a major expense if you have a lot of people in your family. The second issue is that the average surgical mask offers little to no personal protection from particles; it only allows others to be shielded from infected droplets.

Instead, we suggest you give these face masks for sale from VIRACTIV a look. They’re one of the best masks for sale at the moment and are made using a special coating that kills viruses before they have time to penetrate. The Redshield mask is the only mask that captures and disables viruses. Viractiv shield masks are the best mask for handling too due to the way the protein layer disables the virus thus rendering it safe to touch unlike other masks, which makes them perfect for the whole family. In addition, they can survive 50 times more wear than average facemasks.

Stop Eating Out

You’re likely spending much more time at home at the moment and it would be a perfect time to learn how to cook. Restaurants make insane margins on food, and ordering/picking up food is a huge waste of money. Anyone can cook, you just have to start with the basics and simple recipes. We also suggest you get yourself a crockpot as there are tons of one-pot recipes that you can make with minimal prep.

You’d be surprised at how simple things like pad Thai, pizza, or Chinese takeout can be once you learn how to do them. You’ll also be surprised by how much more you get for your money.

Shop Smarter

You will also need to start being smarter when you shop, especially at the grocery store. We also suggest you get yourself a chest freezer if you don’t have one already. This will allow you to buy more things in bulk and take advantage of specials.

Stay away from prepared foods as well. You will always pay a premium for these, so try to put in a little bit extra work instead. Things like tomato sauce, vinaigrettes, or even cheese for the more adventurous can be all done at home. You can also flash freeze your own vegetables by spreading them on a baking sheet in one single layer and placing them in the freezer. Things like leeks, chickpeas, and squash can all be frozen and bought in bulk during their season.

Other things you could easily do at home without paying a premium are jam and pickles. Pickles are extremely easy to do. All you need is a jar, pickling or non-iodised sea salt, fresh water, and whatever vegetable you want to pickle. This will also allow you to save by buying in season and preserve your favourite vegetables all year long.

Renegotiate Deals

Now would also be a good time to talk with your service providers and see if you can renegotiate your current plan. Providers are usually open to discussions if you’ve been with them for a while, and they’re more inclined to be lenient at this time. You can negotiate with any provider, whether it’s telecom, electricity, or even your insurances. It also pays to check out a few comparison sites, so you’ll have something to bring back to the table with you.

Buy Used When Possible

You will also need to start considering buying some things used. If you were thinking of buying a new car, don’t. Cars only change design every 3 to 5 years or so, so try to find an older model with the same configuration instead. Buying a new vehicle is rarely a good decision anyway and there are tons of great deals to be made on the secondary market at the moment.

Other things you might want to buy used are cell phones, kitchen appliances, or any electronics around the house. However, we suggest you only buy used cell phones and electronics from a seller who can give you at least a 30-day guarantee.

While it can be difficult to deal with a limited budget, there are plenty of ways that you can save if you’re ready to make changes. Follow these few simple tips and start drafting a budget if you haven’t already.


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