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  • Please use correct capitalisation - not block caps or all lower case in entries. They look so tacky and won't enhance your image. Badly written entries will not be published.
  • Business Name: The name you are trading under
  • Contact Person: Who people should speak to when contacting you
  • Address: Your postal address. Because of the increasing number of thefts and security concerns, feel free just to put your town in if you wish.
  • County: So people can search by county
  • Breeds Supplied: Just list names, preferably separated by a comma. No other message in here.
  • Description: Any message you would like people to know i.e. "Please telephone to check stocks prior to calling" Add a little info about yourself and your passion for poultry if you wish. Do try to put something readable, it's what people see! No adverts for other products, thankyou.
  • Telephone: Your phone number.
  • Email: A working email where we can contact you if we have a query. Please note that your email will not be shown on the site unless you check the "Email Displayed on Site" box. Because published emails can be picked up by spammers, where an email is displayed we use some background code that should prevent spam searchers from picking up the email address.
  • Your Website: If you have a website please enter it here. Don't forget to list correctly - http://www.yoursite.co.uk
  • Link to Low Cost Living: If you are kind enough to link back to us at http://www.lowcostliving.co.uk/ it would be much appreciated. Just pop the page URL you will be linking from in or lreave blank if not linking back to us.
    This is the code we would suggest but feel free to change things to suit your self.
    Low Cost Living - Help and information on keeping chickens and other poultry at home.
  • Any Message: This is if you want to send a message to us along with this form. It will not be displayed on the site.
  • Magic Word: To stop automatic spam systems you need to put the word chicken in here.

Finally, please check all the boxes for those items you supply:

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