Beef Recipes

Recipes based on beef – cheap cuts of beef are best slow cooked

Meat Patties Recipe

Recipe for Meat Patties – Can be served hot or cold. Makes about 15 patties.

Minced Beef Rissoles

Scotch Eggs Recipe

Recipe for home-made Scotch Eggs.

Curry Balls Recipe

Recipe for Curry Balls.

Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Recipe for Corned Beef Hash.

Batch Bake Minced Beef Recipe

A massive batch bake using only 1 kg of minced beef.

Beef Long Stew Recipe

Recipe for Beef Stew that goes a long, long, way.

Daube of Beef Recipe

Daube of Beef Recipe – To stretch it a bit more without adding too much to the cost, a pig’s foot or hock can be roasted/cooked and the meat added an hour into the cooking.

Beef Curry or Korma Recipe

Beef Curry or Korma Recipe

Beef Casserole Recipe

Beef Casserole Recipe using braising steak. Serves 3. Goes well with mashed potatoes or crispy bread.