Garden Lawnmowers Buying Guide

Choose the Right Lawnmower for You

Speaking with many years experience of cutting the grass in my own garden (one hour’s work) and also doing other peoples, I would usually recommend buying brand new, unless someone gives you one for nothing that is. Often the second hand mowers have something up with them, unless the seller is moving house and won’t need a lawnmower in their new house.

LawnmowerThere are many brands and types on the market, some manufacturers are better for petrol driven and others for electric etc., so compare notes with other people and make sure you read customer reviews on the Internet.

We’re also going into the borders of manufacturers designing the ‘Boys toys’ type of machine, so don’t be put off too much by looks, the lawnmower is a workhorse and not a gadget. Don’t go for one that’s too big – a real temptation. The advantage of quickly cutting a larger width is outweighed by the problem of turning corners in tight spaces.

The types available are…

Hand Lawnmowers

Ye olde of the lawnmower world but still ideal for postage stamp gardens and along grass pathways. Obviously better if your garden is relatively flat and the lighter the better.

Cylinder (Hand, Petrol or Electric)

These are most suitable for larger ‘one piece’ lawns where you want the grass as short as possible and giving you the striped effect. Widths are in all sizes. These are the types you see on the cricket wickets and bowling greens around the country and will give a nice  Wimbledon type finish

Rotary (Petrol or Electric)

A single bladed machine which spins around. Ideal for almost any lawn, especially where you’ve lots of nooks and crannies. Available with blades from 12″ – 36″ (normal would be 18″).They give a nice even finish, can be set at varying heights, but won’t cut as short as the cylinder – good workhorses and very

Electric or Petrol Mower

For the smaller one piece lawn right outside your front and back door, an electric mower would probably be the best. Electric can be quite a chore when you’re forever having to protect the cable from being accidentally cut and save yourself from falling over it. Ensure you have an RCD socket between the lawnmower cable and house socket. This will cut the electricity flow off should you cut the wires.

For the larger area, petrol mowers come into their own. Overall, petrol would appear to be the winner for the larger garden. There’s no cable to sort out before you start cutting and roll up at the end, albeit re-chargeable mowers are now available. The only drawback would be storage, where if you haven’t a shed, the smell of petrol and engine oil may be a factor. Also petrol is more easily serviced, when an electric one burns out, you need a new one altogether.

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