Dry Dandelion Wine Recipe How to Make Dry Dandelion Wine

Posted in Country Wines

This dry dandelion wine recipe produces a gallon of light-bodied wine that’s perfect for a summer’s day. It’s base is made from an infusion of the flowers, best picked on a sunny morning. A true country wine, it turns a

Elderflower Champagne Recipe How to Make Your Own Cordial

Posted in Country Wines

Elderflower Champagne is a popular, free hedgerow favourite. This elderflower champagne recipe was given to us by a retired chef. The original recipe made something like 6 gallons so we’ve altered it to a more domestic scale! Makes about 10

Sweet Dandelion Wine Recipe How to Make Sweet Dandelion Wine

Posted in Country Wines

This sweet Dandelion Wine Recipe produces a delicate wine that is golden in colour with the addition of the raisins. It’s based on an infusion made from the dandelion flowers. Just pick the dandelion flowers on a sunny day and

Carrot Wine Recipe – How to Make Carrot Wine

Posted in Country Wines

Carrots are naturally sweet but have no acid. To compensate this carrot wine recipe adds oranges and lemons. This recipe makes a wine that is rich in taste and golden in colour. It’s great for using up damaged or misshapen

Beetroot Wine Recipe – How to Make Beetroot Wine

Posted in Country Wines

Recipe for 1 gallon of either a dry or medium Beetroot Wine. Use the lower amount of sugar for dry and the higher for medium. Beetroot is easy to grow and this beetroot wine recipe is a great way to

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