Rhubarb Wine Recipe How to Make Rhubarb Wine

Rhubarb Wine RecipeThis rhubarb wine recipe will make a medium wine that’s more delicate than you might expect from a humble country wine based on a full-flavoured fruit. It’s great for using up tough large stalks that should have been picked some weeks earlier. 

And yes, technically rhubarb is a vegetable but I believe if you can eat it with custard, it’s a fruit 🙂

There is information on how to grow rhubarb on the Allotment Garden website. It’s often neglected at the far end of the vegetable plot, but properly looked after it’s a very productive plant.

Rhubarb Wine Recipe

Ingredients for Rhubarb Wine Recipe:

  • 5 lb trimmed rhubarb stalks
  • Campden tablets
  • 3 lb sugar
  • ½ pint strong tea
  • Wine yeast
  • Yeast Nutrient
  • Water

Method for Rhubarb Wine Recipe:

  1. Wipe the rhubarb sticks and chop into small chunks. Crush with a rolling pin, avoiding losing any juice.
  2. Put into a fermenting bin and pour on 5 pints of cold water. Add 1 campden tablet, crushed and dissolved in a little warm water to kill any wild yeasts.
  3. Cover and leave for 3 or 4 days, stirring a couple of times a day.
  4. Strain and press the rhubarb dry and return the liquor to a clean fermenting bin.
  5. Boil the sugar in 2 pints of water for 3 minutes and, when cool, mix into the liquor.
  6. Add the tea, yeast and yeast nutrient and cover.
  7. Allow to ferment for 4 days, stirring daily.
  8. Pour carefully into a gallon jar, leaving as much deposit behind as possible.
  9. Fill up the jar with cooled, boiled water to where the neck begins.
  10. Fit a fermentation lock and leave until fermentation has finished.
  11. Rack, as necessary, and add 1 Campden tablet after the first racking.
  12. Syphon into bottles.

Makes 1 gallon of rhubarb wine. It usually needs a good year to develop when bottled and comes into its own in the second year.

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