How to Store Your Home Grown Produce – Book

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How to Store Your Home Grown Produce

How to Store Your Home Grown Produce
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186 Pages of practical help so you can store your own crops in good condition to use throughout the year. Avoid wasting gluts and needing to buy produce you grew earlier in the year.

Some of the information may seem basic but we found the skills of storing produce were being lost and many people didn’t know them. For example, we found new growers keeping potatoes in plastic bags and wondering why they went rotten.

  • Store your produce properly so that it will last for months if not years and feed the family when the garden is bare.
  • Discover how easy it is to bottle, dry, freeze and even salt your fruit and vegetables.
  • See how to dry, string, and keep onions from one season to the next
  • Produce your own home made jams, chutneys, pickles, ketchups and preserves
  • Be safe when processing your food at home. Understand and avoid the risk of spoilage

As authors, we don’t want to produce expensive ‘coffee table’ books. We want to write useful manuals for a more self-sufficient life that anybody can afford to buy.

Because this book was also published in the United States, we were able to include full colour photographs and diagrams without adding lots to the price!

It’s also printed on high-quality glossy paper so if you’re using it in the kitchen as we hope you will and spill something on it, you can wipe it clean.

Reader Reviews for How to Store Your Home Grown Produce

This book is exactly what I hoped it would be! It covers each of the methods of storing food in great detail, with extra explanations about common problems people have or issues that come up for readers who are new to storing food. (For instance, there is a little discussion about the types of equipment you use for different types of storage. What containers are best? What type of freezer is best for you?) There are also a ton of recipes throughout the book! Instructions for everything are VERY clear, and simple.

The authors do not advocate going out and buying a ton of expensive, specific stuff; they teach you traditional methods for storing food, and simple ways of doing things. They encourage experimentation! The authors believe that people want to control their food supply, and they believe that when we grow our own food we are “cutting out all the middle men and carbon costs, and ensuring the quality, safety and flavour of the food we eat.” The book intends to teach people traditional ways of storing food that our grandparents and great-grandparents didn’t teach us.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in storing their own food and being in control of their food supply. The instructions and information is extremely accessible–probably anyone 12 years or older could try most of the ideas in this book. This is a resource you will go back to over, and over again, and it is a pleasure to do so since the pictures are so nice and the information is so well presented.

Review of US Release from by E. Kerby of Salt Lake City, UT

£9.99 inc P&P & FREE SEEDS
UK Orders only paid with PayPal

I particularly like that it’s obvious that this guide is borne out of tried and tested experience and is refreshingly honest. Failures are talked about as well as the successes.

What a useful book. Full of information to help me to get the best value from my home grown produce.

Great book which goes through all of the ways to store any produce you might be growing. Well laid out so it’s easy to look up the information you need.

Very pleased with the contents of this book. Some methods of storage were new to us, but very useful to have.

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