Vegetable Fruit & Herb Growing in Small Spaces Book

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Vegetable Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces

Vegetable Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces
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Just because you’re stuck with a postage stamp garden or even no garden at all, there’s no reason why you can’t grow your own. In this book I show you how to make the most of what space you have.

A small garden has to be multi-purpose. The children need a play area, the grown-ups somewhere to have a BBQ on the one good day of summer and it should be somewhere to look at and refresh your soul.

That’s no reason not to grow vegetables in the border or train a fruit tree up a fence. In fact you’ll be amazed how much fresh produce you can contribute to your diet from a tiny space.

Even with just a small patio you can:

  • Grow productive fruit trees in pots
  • Grow potatoes in a barrel or plastic sacks
  • Grow salad crops in a window box

The small garden will still be a play space and lovely to just sit in, but productive as well. We had a concrete yard garden for 4 years of our 35 years of growing life and still managed to grow an amazing amount.

  • Discover the easiest veg, fruit & herbs to grow in your particular situation.
  • Make the most of your containers and grow bags
  • Useful tips and advice for gardeners with physical disabilities
  • See how small can be fruitful with a range of dwarf fruit varieties
  • Enjoy tasty home-grown produce, free of chemical residues

Reader Reviews for Vegetable Fruit & Herb Growing in Small Spaces

I don’t have an allotment but have always wanted to grow my own fruit, veg and herbs. This book is brilliant to show that you can grow practically anything in almost any type of container – from sinks to hanging baskets, in borders or wrapped around a pergola.

What did surprise me was the variety of veg that are happy in containers – things like turnips and leeks or better still my favourite – beetroot.

There is a whole chapter on herbs which would be a great help to anybody who likes cooking (never knew before that I could grow my own lemon grass!). It covers pests and diseases as well as tools all written in a simple to understand format.


Brilliant book! For the first time I’ve found a book which tells me what I really want to know.

So many gardening books only touch briefly on containers but this one deals with the subject properly.

This is the first year I’ve had real success with container gardening and I’m delighted.

Mrs M Biddle

£7.99 inc P&P & FREE SEEDS
UK Orders only paid with PayPal

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