Cost-Effective Computer Memory for Small Businesses

Data storage is critical for small businesses. That data is always on the move. Maybe it means being accessed by those within the building or granting access to remote workers. The key is to be able to access those devices.

Depending on the size and need of the company, there are different storage devices that fit the bill. Thankfully, there are more than a few options that will work perfectly while also keeping costs to a minimum.

computer memoryExternal Hard Drives

Each business has its own data storage needs. While a larger office space may not be able to work without something like a server, that may be too large, cumbersome, and expensive for another business. The key is to find the right fit. Even something small like an external hard drive can be a good fit for those needs.

When it comes to computer memory from RS, an external hard drive can make for a great fit. They are portable, relatively inexpensive, and come in sizes that go over a terabyte. In this tech-driven world where having access to data at all times is a must, having an external hard drive for each team member can ensure that everyone stays connected and on the same page at all times.

Network Attached Storage

If hard drives are a bit too impractical for your business’s needs, there is another alternative to consider. Hard drives themselves need to be brought from place to place and connected to the device in order to work. Network attached storage (NAS) drives are a great option because they don’t require a physical connection in order to properly use.

Some of the best storage options are the ones with the most flexibility. NAS drives are great because they provide more than ample storage – up to five drives in each NAS device – while allowing multiple users to connect remotely. Investing in a NAS drive can be the perfect solution. It is affordable for the business while also ensuring that everyone is able to connect regardless of where they are physically stationed.

Cloud Storage

One of the most popular options these days for businesses is cloud storage. Keeping those files in the cloud is ideal because it means being able to access them from anywhere at any time. More and more businesses are adopting a hybrid or fully remote setup now. Because of that, remaining connected is key.

NAS drives can create private storage on the cloud but it isn’t exactly the same. Going through a major provider like Azure or Amazon Web Services means having access to a major provider that offers customer support in the event of a potential issue. The only downside is that there are potential outages and you won’t be a priority when that happens. Still, it can be quite cost-effective depending on the size and scope of your needs.

Online Backup Services

This is a bit of a hybrid of some of the other options. Online cloud services store your data and allow you to access it in real-time. Online backup services constantly back up your devices, allowing you to access them at the latest save point.

Online backup services tend to be a bit cheaper comparatively speaking. They are great for protecting against disasters, accidents, and even ransomware attacks. That said, not being able to access files in real-time is a bit of a hassle. But as far as affordable services go, online backup services are pretty solid. For businesses with no more than a few team members, this can be the cheapest and most ideal way to go.


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