Pet Ownership On A Budget:

How To Make The Most Of Your Money And Keep Them Healthy And Happy

For all the joy and happiness our pets bring us, they can be extremely expensive to keep and care for. Some costs are obvious, others less so, but even the smallest and most inconspicuous of animals can land us with substantial bills.

Pet cat and puppyToday, people are living on tight budgets, due to a range of external economic factors and disruptive global events. However, it’s vital that the welfare of our pets doesn’t suffer as a result. We’ve put together a guide for caring for your pet on a budget, with some top tips on making the most of your money while keeping them happy and healthy. Read on to find out more.

Get Your Pet Insured

Despite our best efforts, pets can and do get sick or injured. Some dogs have a tendency to get overexcited and run about crazy, often hurting themselves in the process. Cats, on the other hand, are incredibly adept at hiding the symptoms of sickness, often until it’s reached a critical point.

If your pet was to require medicine or treatment for the vet, you could be left with a hefty bill to contend with. Vet prices are extortionate, with even seemingly routine treatments too much for the average person to comfortably pay for.

By getting your pet insured, you can guarantee that any vet bills will be covered in the case of your pet falling ill or getting injured. Insurance for pets can be surprisingly affordable and comes with a number of benefits that will offer you peace of mind when caring for your friend.

Create Homemade Toys

Playing is one of the joys of owning a pet. There’s nothing better than seeing your friend enjoying themselves or watching them pretend-hunt one of their favourite toys.

However, some pets have a habit of quickly destroying any toy you give them, usually through sheer excitement and overexuberance. This can mean you are continually replacing toys, which can become expensive over time.

Pets need toys to keep them happy and stimulated, so don’t assume you can get away with not giving them any. Instead, experiment with making your own toys for your pet to play with. Not only will this be far more affordable, as most toys can be constructed with easily available household items, but you might find that homemade toys are more durable and more fun for your pet.

Get creative, rope can be knotted up to make a chew or tug toy for your dog. For example, you can make this simple toy using some old t-shirts and a pair of scissors:

Home made pet toy

Source: BarkPost

Buy Dog Food In Bulk

Just like their human owners, pets need a balanced diet to keep them healthy. Different animals have different dietary and nutritional requirements, so must ensure you are giving them the right kind of food. Avoid the cheapest pet food at all costs, this can contain harmful substances that can negatively affect your pet’s health over time.

High quality pet food may seem expensive, but you can make significant savings by buying it in bulk. Instead of buying food at the pet shop, check out what kind of deals you kind find online. You will often find that online stores offer greater quantities of your pet’s food at lower prices than you’d find in chain pet stores.


Owning a pet can be expensive, but there are ways to make it more budget friendly. Get your pet insured to avoid any nasty vet bills, bulk quality pet food in bulk, and flex those DIY skills to make your pet some homemade toys.

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