6 Frugal Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

The winters are getting chillier every year. While people are turning up the heat to keep their homes warm, the utility bills continue to send shivers to their empty wallets. If you are too looking for some frugal ways to keep warm these winters, you are reading the right article.

Here is a list of 6 ways you can stay warm these winters without paying an arm and a leg on the bills. Be warned, it’s going to be more than simply improving the efficiency of everything currently installed in your home such as boilers, insulation, electric heaters, etc.

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Work on some general maintenance

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way. You will need to perform some general maintenance, especially if you live in the UK. Why? Because replacing something you already have with a new item is not frugal at all. You should start by checking your ceilings, walls and windows to make sure they are properly insulated. You could be losing up to 40% of heat in your home just because of poor wall insulation. So, make sure there are no spaces anywhere in your house where the heat could escape.

Having a well-insulated house is no use if your new boiler isn’t working properly. Therefore, don’t forget to check up on the new boiler you installed last year to make sure it’s working optimally.

If the house is not warming up fast enough, try warming yourself instead

This one is the easiest and the most frugal hack out there. Trap the heat your body produces by wearing layers of clothing. If turning up the thermostat gets you more bills, then simply go for adding an extra layer of clothing. It always works. Just put on a sweatshirt, stretch some warm socks, cover your head with a cosy hat, and perhaps try long underwear. Not warm enough still? Add a blanket to the mix and cover-up with that as well.

Try rugs and carpets

Rugs aren’t just for aesthetics. Carpets are known to trap heat in your floors. They also increase the living space by making the floors a comfy place to lie down and have some long conversations over a steaming mug of coffee. You can get some cheaper options from the flea market or even try getting some from your friends who are replacing their old ones. It’s one of the ways of getting your hands on stuff without spending much. And don’t forget to bargain at the flea market!

Use hot bottles at night to warm yourself up

This hack may never go out of fashion. Hot bottles are always there for you when no one is. Just fill a couple of them with hot water, seal them properly and slip them under your sheets to help warm you up. They are your best bed companions in chilly winters. This tip is especially for those who tend to have exceptionally cold hands and feet. It’ll save you from spending hours sitting in front of the fire or radiator.

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Maximise the space in your home by rearranging furniture

The furniture in your house reflects your style and aesthetics. So it is understandable that sometimes we compromise the functionality of furniture for the looks of it. But this is a mistake that can cost you a lot in energy bills. So when you are trying to be frugal, remember to move your furniture that is blocking any radiator vents or heating equipment. Also, try to close off rooms and spaces that you don’t use. There is nothing worse for your bills than wasting heating on empty rooms. Just make sure you are not closing off areas that have pipes because you might end up with some frozen ones that clog your water supply.

Take up cooking as a hobby to warm up your home

When you cook inside, not only will you have an appetising aroma throughout your house, but you will also leverage your stove heat to keep your home warm. It’s even more effective when you have an open-plan kitchen that links your kitchen to the living room.

Need some inspiration? Winter is a lovely time to bake something that could go well with your coffee. You can also make your own bread or fire up that oven for some pizzas. The idea is that the more heat you produce during cooking and utilize it to keep you indoors warm, the less you will need to use your central heating system. Hence, the more you will save on your utility bills.


These were all the ways you can keep yourself warm during winters without breaking your bank. Do you know about some other frugal ways to keep warm these winters?

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