Getting the most fun for your money

There are those who enjoy a day at the horses, those who like Saturday night at the Casino, and of course those who never pass a bet in their lives. It can be a very contentious topic, not one I like to delve too deeply into as like politics it can quickly divide people!

I was recently reading an article on gambling and the coronavirus pandemic which discussed how those who would ordinarily enjoy a night out at the casino have now taken to online Casinos in the same way football flutters are now as often carried out online as down the bookies.

Getting the most fun for your money

Unlike bricks and mortar casinos where the ambience and bar add to the experience, with online gaming the world is in the computer screen. So competition for your custom tends to be based more on financial offers.

When it come to any spending I always want people to get the most for their money, and that includes for those who want to have a weekend Casino experience in the comfort, and safety, of their own home. There are so many Casino Bonus Offers in the UK out there and it can be hard to make your way through all the fine print.

These welcome offers are also valid for playing other games like Roulette, Blackjack, video poker and classic slots. Look for an online casino that has a high deposit bonus offer.

There are hundreds of online casinos that have the progressive Mega Moolah slot machine in their catalogs. As a player, you have plenty of choice. However, out of all the active casino sites on the market, only a few stand out; Grand Mondial, Casino Classic, Zodiac Casino and Jackpot City. Do check out the Mega Moolah Free Spins whilst you are browsing.

While it’s all down to luck when it comes to winning the jackpot, there are a few tips that increase the odds of winning. The amount wagered, the number of lines to bet, the bonuses and free spins are all factors that have an impact.

Be aware and stay in control

Gambling can be harmless fun. Maybe you win and maybe you lose. The trick to keeping it fun is to not get too carried away, You need to keep in control and don’t worry if you lose. The bookies love the gambler who is always chasing a win to pay off his losses.

Keep the losses small and it’s like having a few hours entertainment for a few pounds. If you do win, that’s a bonus. Set a limit according to what you can afford. For some people that may just be five or ten pounds others may have more to play with. Losing more than you can afford to can be the start of major life problems.

Talking of life problems, another tip to stay in control is to avoid gambling whilst you’re feeling down. Like drinking, that can lead you into a downward spiral that is hard to recover from.

If you are worried your gambling is getting out of your control, visit the Be Gamble Aware web site for practical advice and help.

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