Enjoy a Great Holiday for Less Money

One of the secrets of low cost living is to get the most value from your hard earned money. When it comes to a holiday, these tips will help you have a great holiday and spend less.

Research Your Destination

It’s worth spending time to really research your destination. There’s a huge amount of information online you can find to help you pick the right destination for you. If you’ve a young family the last thing you want is to end up in a resort geared for the young, drunk and single crowd partying until dawn!

Wikipedia is a good starting point. It will give you general information on a resort along with what sort of weather you can expect, places of interest and even places to eat for many resorts. Then check out on Trip Advisor – one good tip is look at the negative reviews as well as the positives to get a balanced view.

Google will, of course, bring up a lot of information – perhaps too much information. Sometimes sorting out the relevant facts is the most difficult part. Once you’ve decided on a destination, Google can be a great help in checking out where you plan to stay. Go to Google Maps to see where you are staying and how far it really is from the beach, shops and restaurants etc. The Street View function is really useful for this and checking out the local area.

Book Ahead

You can often save a lot of money by booking in advance. But what if something goes wrong? The airline might become bankrupt or you – or someone in your party – fall ill and be unable to travel.

Travelling on a budget need not be risky when you take a few simple precautions. Check if you have financial protection from ATOL or ABTA and a good comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover you for the unexpected. Where possible pay using a credit card for additional protection.

Eat Well for Less

If you’re spending the day on the beach, make yourself a picnic to take. It will most likely cost you half the price of a drink and a sandwich in a cafe. Feeling particularly lazy? You can buy ready-made sandwiches at the supermarket.. but they won’t be quite as good.

When eating out of an evening, look where the locals go. The food will be authentic and better than the tourist bars and restaurants as well as a lot cheaper. Always choose local beers and wines,

Rather than go to that shop just around the corner from the apartment or hotel, look where the locals shop. Chances are it will have more choice, fresher food and cost less too.

Travel and Tour for Less

Taxis are very convenient but they can be expensive. It’s worth seeing if you can negotiate a price rather than just jumping in. We got a taxi to the airport when we left the resort for half the price we were charged to go from the airport to the resort when we arrived!

Bus travel is usually the cheapest and it can be great fun. Try to travel off-peak when you’re sure of getting a seat.

Hotels and apartments will often recommend tours – take a few days to check out who is offering tours in the town. You may well find you can get the same tour for less.

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