How to Save Money When Travelling in the UK

Holidaying in the UK is often seen as a cheaper alternative to travelling abroad, however, costs can soon mount up, particularly once you’ve factored in the rising price of fuel plus your accommodation and activities when you arrive. The good news is that it’s possible to cut costs by following a few simple travel tips that can help you save money when travelling in the UK.

Look For Deals Online

Checking online before you travel can save you a lot of money. Taking your time to do a bit of research and shop around can get you a much better deal and help you get away for less. Some destinations are cheaper or more expensive at certain times of year for example if a festival or celebration is happening and local accommodation is in high demand. You can also usually get cheaper deals if you are a student, or pensioner or a family with young children. Some websites will also offer packages or day trips at a discounted rate or last-minute deals for those looking for a spontaneous getaway.

Book Your Transport in Advance

Booking a long-distance train ride on the day can be highly expensive, so ensure you book your tickets well ahead of your travel date. For example, London to Doncaster train tickets can be half the price if you book at least 40 days prior to the date. Also, try to avoid using taxis once you’ve arrived at your destination and instead make use of public transport, walk or cycle. Not only will this be much cheaper than getting a cab, but it will also mean you’ll get to see more of the place you’re visiting and experience it as a local person rather than as a tourist.

Plan Your Activities

Exploring National Trust landscapes and heritage buildings are a great way to discover new areas of the UK at low prices. Some National Trust sites are free, or you can become a member, which grants you free entry into over 500 locations across the UK! Buying tickets in advance of your holiday and making the most of tourist passes such as the London Pass can also save a heap of cash.

If you’re looking to save money when dining out, visit local pubs that will often do 2-for-1 meals and discounted child meals. Visit street-food stalls or make the most of local beauty spots by packing a DIY picnic.

Consider the Location

When it comes to location, there is a substantial difference in price depending on where you decide to travel to in the UK. To make your money go further, why not stay longer in cheaper regions and limit your time in the more expensive areas that are popular with tourists?

Less expensive regions of the country include Devon, the north of England, and parts of Scotland. In these places, the cost of accommodation and activities will be lower, meaning you can usually afford to stay longer and experience more during your holiday, compared to more costly destinations like London and Oxford. If it’s stunning scenery you’re after, the Scottish Highlands, Wales and Yorkshire can easily rival more popular tourist hotspots like Cornwall and the Cotswolds.

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