Want To Declutter Your Home? Here are Some Useful Guidelines

Who doesn’t want a neat home? At the same time, everybody has some object or another that can be considered as clutter. Though a lot of this clutter may be essential, it only gives an untidy appearance to the house. There are ways in which all this clutter can be taken care of without disposing of it. Decluttering is necessary as it reduces the stress one goes through while looking for important things that appear to be lost in the clutter. Let’s look at a few steps you can take to declutter your house.

Declutter Using a Proper Plan

Using a proper plan for decluttering will make it easy for you. This can be done in a few steps.

  • Make a note of the places that are ‘clutter hot spots’ in your house.
  • Prioritize the ‘clutter hot spots’. This helps you to tackle the ones that need your attention first.Handle one hot spot or room at a time.
  • Set deadlines for yourself for each of the rooms.
  • Have a time plan to work on areas that are more cluttered and need extra effort and time.
  • The deadlines you keep for yourself must be realistic otherwise it may lead to frustration.

Make a Proper Sorting System

A proper sorting system means a proper place for everything. You could have your own personal sorting system, or you can use the common Three-Box Method. This method uses three labels for the boxes: ‘Keep’, ‘Get Rid of’ and ‘Storage’. Once you have gone through the entire house, the items in the ‘Keep’ box must be kept in places allotted to them. If no place is allotted to them, they can be kept in a labelled container.

If you really want to keep your home spick and span, you can read more about the kind of boxes or containers you might need to store your separate all of your belongings from the clutter. Decide whether you want to dispose of or give away the items in the ‘Get Rid of’ box. This will help you to take care of this box. The items in the third box ‘Storage’ are probably items that are seasonal or sentimental. They too can be stored in neatly and appropriately labelled containers.

Clear Out the Clutter From Your House

There are a number of ways in which you can get rid of the clutter from the third box.

  1. Give to the needy: This philanthropic gesture will give you the satisfaction of having done a good deed.
  2. Recycle: Many localities have vans for picking up paper, plastic and glass that can be recycled. That is a good way of keeping the environment clean as well.
  3. Garage Sale: A garage sale is a very common way of getting rid of the clutter and making a little money at the same time.
  4. Use a Dumpster: A dumpster can be easily rented at many places. It can also be delivered to your place. This is the easiest method to get rid of things which cannot be reused or repurposed.

Frequent decluttering is very essential as it helps keep your home neat and clean. This adds to the ambience of the home and gives off positive vibes. People tend to take it up as a chore which makes it very monotonous and boring. If this essential activity is taken up as a game with some challenges instead, things might take an interesting turn, and you might just enjoy doing it. So go ahead and start decluttering to give your home a more pleasing, relaxing aesthetic and make your life more meaningful.

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