Ways to make your home more environmentally sustainable

With rapidly rising fuel and energy prices, failing to make your home energy efficient could see you fork out an extra £700 in energy bills. As well as potentially saving you a substantial amount of money in utility outgoings, running an energy-efficient household is also one of the easiest ways to reduce your property’s carbon emissions and do your bit for the environment – but what are the best ways to make your home more sustainable?

Collecting rainwater

Collecting rainwater. – One of the easiest ways to future-proof your home and make use of renewable energy is to install a rainwater tank in your garden, which can be connected to your home guttering system. This will naturally collect rainwater, which can then be used to feed plants, water your garden or even clean your car, reducing your water bills in the process. The UK is famous for its high rainfall and gloomy weather, so why not take advantage and put the rain to good use?

Using pre-loved furniture

Using pre-loved furniture. – Because new furniture is often made using materials such as wood, metal and man-made fabric, its impact on the environment can be devastating. In order to make your home more sustainable, consider investing in used or pre-loved furniture when kitting out your home, rather than brand new items.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and re-purpose pieces of furniture to suit your needs. Recycling and upcycling items of furniture is also a great way to reduce pressure on landfills and reduce harmful emissions.

Investing in eco-friendly appliances

Investing in eco-friendly appliances. – Many everyday appliances in the home (especially older items) use energy needlessly and can directly raise the cost of your bills. In order to make your property more sustainable, test your appliances thoroughly using the Energy Star rating and make upgrades where necessary.

Whether you choose to replace your existing heating system with a more energy-efficient electric boiler, install an electric thermostat or smart meter or invest in a sustainable, water-saving dishwasher, investing in more eco-friendly appliances is a guaranteed way to cut costs and boost the sustainability of your home.

When picking out new appliances for your home (whether it be stoves, microwaves, fridges, freezers or even LED lights), try to go with the most sturdy and reliable models with the least ‘bells and whistles’. Simple and functional appliances are far more likely to expend less energy than those with tonnes of extra features.

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