How To Deal With The Extra Calories When Working From Home

The report about the first coronavirus case in Wuhan came as news to many. Little did we know that the virus would quickly spread like a bushfire.

Within a few months into the pandemic, the UK government had already introduced measures, in conjunction with the world health bodies, to help control the spread. Among the many strategies introduced was the idea to work from home. Well, working from home helps reduce the unnecessary meetings that can accelerate the spread.

Although working from home saw an increase in productivity, we can’t ignore the fact that the move has also seen many people gain extra weight. This article shall explain proven ways on how you can deal with the extra calories gained when working from home.

1. Meditation

Meditation has, over time, been known as a relaxation technique. It works by focusing your attention to find calm and clarity. Scientifically, the practice helps lower high blood pressure and manages stress and anxiety, which fuels some people to eat much.

Unfortunately, not many people realize the importance of meditation when it comes to cutting calories. As reported by a weight gain during lockdown survey, only 31% of the population tried out this technique in Berkshire. Other counties, such as Cornwall and Lincolnshire, recorded zero participation, a reason why it’s important to educate the people in the UK on the benefits of yoga and meditation.

2. Walking

The fact that you are now working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the evening stroll or walk your little puppy.

Walking is known to offer many health benefits as it’s an excellent cardiovascular exercise. According to fitness coaches, an hour of walking can burn up to 350 calories for most people. Therefore, you should practice taking a daily walk to the store to buy some groceries, or enjoy the evening walks after dinner.

3. Jogging

Gyms were the first places to shut down doors as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, it doesn’t mean that you stay inactive during the pandemic if you are a gym guy. There are many alternatives to shedding excessive calories, such as jogging.

Jogging remains a perfect form of workout for those looking to burn calories, improve flexibility and endurance. Since this exercise doesn’t ask for any special equipment, you shouldn’t hesitate to start your morning runs right now.

4. How about taking the stairs?

I know you may not like the idea of taking the stairs, but hear me out. When working from home, the chances are that a week may even pass without stepping your foot outside. With the food stocked in the fridge and everything else you need being there, I also don’t see why you should step outside.
However, it’s important to note that you are likely to accumulate many calories when you stay inactive for long. With the gyms closed, one of the best ways to burn calories is by taking the stairs. Additionally, doing so works on your legs and hips, which are muscles you need to work on after sitting all day.

5. Cycling

When was the last time you took a bike and went for a ride? Many of us did that while young.

You should know that cycling is good for your health as it’s known to help cut up to 680 calories per hour. In addition, the exercise keeps your heart rate in check, and that’s why you should remember to include it in your to-do list.

During the coronavirus pandemic, most people in the UK have been working from home, hence inactive. Unfortunately, the ‘work from home strategy’ has resulted in weight gain and excessive calories that ought to be burned. Listed in this article are tricks that you can borrow to help cut the calories while also achieving other health benefits.

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