Save Money on Kitchen Equipment

A guide on saving money and making good purchasing choices when it comes to kitchen appliances and equipment

kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment and appliances are one area where it’s very easy to spend a lot of money and end up with a cluttered space, full of items you don’t use. Or alternatively, to buy lower quality items thinking that it’s more cost-efficient, only to have them break down after a little while. And that ends up being bad for both your bank account and for the environment.

The trick is to spend smart and really think about what you need and what you will use it for. Here are some tips and tricks on how not to overspend when you’re shopping for kitchen equipment, as well as a few tools that are essential for every kitchen and cover many needs.

What to pay attention to when shopping for kitchen equipment

Step 1. Look through what you already have

It’s really important to know what tools and equipment you already have in your kitchen before setting out to buy more.

Sometimes we store items away and forget about them or we think we need something when we are at the shop, only to realize later that we have something similar already.

Step 2. Think about your habits and needs

Finding a new recipe and getting excited does not mean you will regularly use the fancy new tool you want to buy. That’s how kitchen cupboards get cluttered with waffle makers, fancy pans, cookie cutters and other gadgets.

A good practice is to think about your habits in the kitchen. What you use regularly, what you like to make. If a tool hasn’t been used for months and sits in a cupboard taking up space, maybe you don’t really need it.

Another way is to be creative with the tools you already have. You don’t need a bulky blender to make soup if you have an immersion blender that does the job just fine and takes up way less space.

Step 3. Do your research

It bears repeating, but impulse purchases often turn out to not be successful. You’ll get a thrill the moment you get something and use it for the first time. Then your routine will be back and you might not use it again.

Or you might buy a shiny new appliance and it turns out it has issues which you would have found out about if you’d read reviews.

Especially for appliances, there is a trove of testimonials and reviews out there that outline features and problem areas. This way you will find out if the product you’ve set your eyes on is the best for your needs or you might discover a model and brand you haven’t heard of.

A good place to start with your research is well-known websites like America’s Test Kitchen or Cook’s Illustrated that offer comprehensive guides and reviews about all sorts of kitchen equipment.

Step 4. Avoid impulse purchases and opt for quality

It’s a good idea to wait. This way you can really think about if you need something, what model or brand would work best for you and you might find a sale or discount that will significantly minimize your expenses.

If you can afford it, it’s best to opt for higher quality items that will last a long time. It might feel like you’re spending more, but treat it as an investment. A good quality pot that will last you a long time and make numerous delicious meals for your family is much better than a cheap one that will not function well and will start to break down after a few months of heavy use.

Essential tools for every kitchen

There are some essential tools that should not be missing from your kitchen. With this basic set you can make most recipes without needing extra equipment, thus saving money and valuable space in your home.

A good chef’s knife

You’ve probably seen (or might own) these big sets of knives for different uses. The truth is, you can manage really well in the kitchen with a simple chef’s knife, a bread knife and a small paring knife. All the others will just add clutter.

A high-quality versatile pan

A pan is really essential for the kitchen, but if you choose a more expensive version that’s more versatile, you’ll get a lot more use out of it, not to mention that it will last for a lifetime.

For example, with a heavy-duty durable pan that you can also use in the oven, you can make a whole range of recipes without requiring extra equipment.

A sturdy toaster

A toaster should not be missing from any kitchen. It’s perfect for breakfast, for preparing quick snacks, for saving slightly stale bread and making it delicious.

A 2-slice toaster is a great option that’s cost-effective and compact. But there are so many models out there that you need to do thorough research in order to pick the best one for you.

A multifunctional food-processor

Depending on your budget, you can find a whole range of such appliances that will really save the day in the kitchen. From small food processors with an immersion blender or mixer accessories to large stand mixers with included blenders, mixers, and other accessories.

This means you will save space and money since you will be able to get many different uses out of one appliance.

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