Chickens Illness & Problems

A series on the common illnesses and ailments that poultry can suffer. It’s often said that the secret to healthy livestock is the attention of the farmer. The reason is simple, the sooner problems are detected the easier to sort. Better still, seeing potential problems and stopping them before they happen.

Chicken Illness

Wing Clipping to Stop Hens Flying Over the Fence

Things will go wrong though and these articles should help you prevent and solve problems.

Poultry Reference Book

One suggestion first – a good reference book will pay dividends with illness, especially if you are aiming for a larger flock.

Eyes Open!

Hens tend to be fairly robust creatures but when they do get ill they can go down very quickly.

Keeping an eye on them morning and night will make sure you pick up on the first indication that they are poorly.

Articles On Chickens & Poultry Health, Illness, Diseases and Ailments

Foot Problems with Chickens, Bumble Foot and Convict's Foot

Foot Problems with Chickens, Bumble Foot and Convict's Foot

Chickens' feet are pretty tough but they can be injured, especially on flinty ground when scratching about or if they unearth some broken glass etc. Here's what to do to sort the most common foot problems It is important not to have perches placed...
Keeping Hens Healthy, Preventing Poultry Disease, Ailments

Keeping Hens Healthy, Preventing Poultry Disease, Ailments

There are many diseases, ailments and problems that can affect hens and other poultry. Happily many of the diseases and problems they are subject to are unlikely to trouble the small scale back garden keeper. Here is how to defend yourself against the...
Sour Crop & Impacted Crop (or Crop Bound)

Sour Crop & Impacted Crop (or Crop Bound)

Crop problems are not common but they do happen. The main cause is poor husbandry such as feeding too many treats in a desire to be kind or allowing the birds onto pasture with long grass. Most often they can be treated successfully by the home keeper....

Backgarden Chickens

Backgarden Chickens and Other Poultry

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