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Low Cost Chicken Coops

The lowest cost way to house your hens may be to convert an existing shed or build one from scratch, especially if you have scrap wood available. However, if you're pressed for time or lack carpentry skills then you need to buy a coop.

There's a huge range of arks, coops and houses available with a wide range of prices. Having looked around we were surprised how some of the more expensive models were actually not that well constructed or even well designed.

This range of chicken coops from Chicken Coops Direct however ticked all the boxes. They're well designed to start with. After all, good design doesn't add to cost, if anything it should reduce cost.

Chicken House & Run for 3 / 4 Hens

Chicken Coop and Run

This Kent Coop & Run is perfect for the beginner. There are multiple openings to allow easy access to the hens and the cosy house features a pull out tray for easy cleaning and a generous nest box.

You don't need to worry about where the hens are with the fitted run

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Chicken House

If you've got a secure garden or run, the the Devon Hen House is ideal.

Once again well designed with pull out metal floor tray for ease of cleaning, generous compartment nest boxes and a closable ventilation grill above head height to avoid drafts yet keep the air fresh inside the house.

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Chicken House and Run

Last but not least for housing 3 or 4 hens, is this attractive and unusual Sussex Chicken House & Run. It provides predator secure and dry housing whilst making the most of the 17 square feet it covers. The unusal design with the long sloping roof provides the perfect cover even in driving rain, and this is one of the reasons why so many people have chosen the Sussex chicken coop.

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Chicken House & Run for 4 or More Chickens

Chicken Coop and Run

Many of us like to let our hens roam the garden but only when we're about to keep an eye on them. This Dorset Hen House & Run could be the answer.

There's enough room in the fully covered run to keep them happy for a bit and let us sleep in on Sunday for that extra hour.

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Plastic Chicken Ark

This Eco Ark and Run is ideal for the larger garden or keeping the hens safe on pasture. It s manufactured from the recycled plastic waste collected from farms. What could be greener?

You can house up to 10 hens safely and securely.

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