Growing Pains and Disposable Fashion

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I’ve decided the biggest growing pains in a little one if the cost on the wallet of new shoes! Clothes are easy, I can make them, buy them second hand, or pick up bits with good resale value in the

Making Meat Stretch & Cheap Cuts of Meat

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If you are a meat eater you can’t have helped but notice increasing prices recently, in fact all food has shot up in price. There is a combination of reasons. A poor wheat crop last year (which has a knock

2016 Round-Up – What a Year!

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Well, 2016 was not the best one for us financially, and it took quite an emotional strain as well. With all the extra expenses of an unplanned house move our budget went way off course. We also had a lot

How to save money on Christmas Shopping

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This is it! The shop shelves are bulging and the queues are getting longer at the checkout. The way some people act at this time of year you’d think civilisation was about to collapse and they were stocking up for

It’s One Thing After Another so Back to Meal Planning!

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Just as things start to even out again financially the car decided it would be a good time to break. I took it in as I knew we needed to replace the front tyres before Winter, but also found a

New Home and Frugal Fast Reboot

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Well, sorry for the blog posts lacking recently, but we ended up moving home somewhat sooner than planned as we lost all clean water at the old house, and did so in complete chaos. In keeping with the landlord’s complete

Sunny Days with Packing & Down Sizing Time

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As much as we love where we live we won’t be staying here much longer. The problem with renting is that you are subject to the whims and difficulties of private landlords. In our case as soon as repairs that

Home Grown Vegetables & Summer Sun

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The weather has been amazing this past two weeks. We’ve had so much fun outside, and the best part is it is all free! Days on the beach, walks in the woods and hills, splashing around in the paddling pool,

Family Meals and Baby-led Weaning

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As a family we try to eat as organically as possible. This is hard though when on a tight budget each month. While carrying out our financial fast since November of last year we have found the toughest area to

Summer Sun & Slow Cookers

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The Summer sun is here and it is so lovely and warm it feels almost as though Summer has arrived early. We’ve spent as much time as we could outside, which with a toddler means lots of fun. From water

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