Potato Cakes Recipe

Potato CakesSubmitted by madcat

For all those potatoes that won’t store. With very few ingredients you can make a delicious side whilst saving any sprouting spuds from the waste.

Ingredients for Potato Cakes:

  • Potatoes
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Salt & Pepper

Method for Potato Cakes:

  1. Boil/steam your potatoes as preferred and tip hot into a big bowl.  Mash with plenty of butter, milk, salt and pepper to make a nice firm, smooth textured mashed potato.

You can make them into plain potato cakes at this stage by:

  1. Lining a freezer proof tray, oven tray or chopping board with eazileave or if pushed, clingfilm, (don’t try it unlined – they will freeze onto the surface)
  2. Flouring your hands and the worktop generously, taking a small handfull (say a clementine sized ball) of mash and shaping it into a ball.
  3. Pat gently into a flat cake and put on the lined tray.
  4. Fill the tray with cakes and open freeze.  Pack into bags with the eazileave or film as separators.

Cook from frozen on the griddle or in the oven in about 20 mins.  Heaven for those days when all are starving and you are exhausted.

However, if you have other gluts or leftovers, try:

  • adding some chopped cooked greens (cabbage, kale etc) and a little softened onion for bubble and squeak cakes.  Serve with fried/poached egg for a quick and filling meal
  • adding cooked and mashed apple (fallings are great) with a little softened onion and some chopped sage.  Great with cold pork
  • adding chopped celery leaves and some grated cheese;
  • adding chopped parsley and crushed garlic – the smell is heavenly;
  • adding other mashed veg such as parsnip (with a touch of nutmeg) or swede or turnip.  Be careful it doesn’t get sloppy; add a  little flour to stiffen it if necessary
  • using leftover parsley sauce to mash the spuds; parsley potato cakes go well with ham or gammon
  • likewise leftover cheese sauce with a little softened onion and a touch of mustard powder
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One comment on “Potato Cakes Recipe
  1. Kim says:

    This sounds fantastic! I might try these as a breakfast food with egg on top!

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