Lamb Recipes

Recipes using cheap cuts of lamb. As with beef, cheap cuts are better cooked slowly.

Cooking Lamb in the Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Lamb Parcels

Slow cooker lamb parcels and simple to make and super tasty. Served with fresh greens and roast potatoes they make a wonderful Sunday Lunch.

Lamb's Liver Ragout

Lamb’s Liver Ragout Recipe

This lamb's liver recipe is tasty, cheap, and warming for a cold Winter's day. Served with buttery mash it is a favourite here.

Liver and Tomato Bake

Liver and Tomato Bake Recipe

Liver and Tomato Bake goes well with any green vegetable and/or chipped or mashed potatoes.

Liver & Courgette Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Braised Liver & Courgette Casserole – Serves 4 – Cheap and simple. Nice with some mashed potatoes.

Irish Stew Recipe

Irish Stew Recipe – another slow cook dish using a cheap cut of meat.

Lancashire Hot Pot Recipe

Traditional Lancashire Hot Pot Recipe. Uses a cheap cut of meat.

Neck of Lamb Casserole Recipe

Neck of Lamb Casserole Recipe