Offal Recipes

Recipes using offal (kidneys, liver, tripe, hearts, sweetbread etc) in the ingredients. Very cheap and tasty.

Faggot Recipe

Faggots Recipe

This faggots recipe is simple, delicious, and a great way to get offal into reluctant eaters. Perfect for a cold winter's day.

Lamb's Liver Ragout

Lamb’s Liver Ragout Recipe

This lamb's liver recipe is tasty, cheap, and warming for a cold Winter's day. Served with buttery mash it is a favourite here.

Liver and Tomato Bake

Liver and Tomato Bake Recipe

Liver and Tomato Bake goes well with any green vegetable and/or chipped or mashed potatoes.

Liver & Courgette Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Braised Liver & Courgette Casserole – Serves 4 – Cheap and simple. Nice with some mashed potatoes.

Chicken Liver Rissotto Recipe

Recipe for Chicken Liver Risotto – Serves 4.

Kidney Flan Recipe

Recipe for Kidney Plan – Serves 4. Best eaten warm.

Liver & Bacon Recipe

Recipe for Slow Cooker Liver & Bacon.

Sweet & Sour Pigs’ Kidneys

Recipe for Sweet & Sour Pigs’ Kidneys.

Grilled Liver and Bacon Recipe

Recipe for Grilled Calves Liver and Bacon.

Kidneys with Cucumber Recipe

Recipe for Lambs Kidney with Cucumber.