Pressure Cooker Beef Brisket Recipe

Beef BrisketBeef Brisket is a wonderfully cheap cut of meat, and great for Sunday dinners and other large family meals. As with a lot of frugal cuts of meat it does well being either pressure or slow cooked.

Ingredients for Beef Brisket:

  • 2 teaspoons oil
  • 3 lb brisket
  • 4 rashers streaky bacon (remove the rind)
  • 1 lb onions (peeled and sliced)
  • 1 pint ale or guinness – or 1 pint stock
  • ¼ pint vinegar
  • Bay Leaf
  • Other herbs/spices as per taste

Method for Beef Brisket:

  1. Put the joint and the oil in the pressure cooker with the trivet removed. Brown on all sides and drain off any excess fat.
  2. Line the base of the cooker with the bacon and put the meat on top. Pack the onions around it and season to taste.
  3. Pour in the liquids – making sure that the cooker is no more than half full.
  4. Bring to high pressure and cook for 36 minutes. Reduce pressure at room temperature.
  5. Pour of the juices, thicken with flour blended with water, cook for a couple of minutes and serve separately.

Serves 6 – 8.

If the brisket is to be served hot, other vegetables could be added to the pressure cooker providing it is large enough. In this case, cook the brisket for 30 minutes, reduce pressure with cold water, add prepared vegetables, bring back to high pressure and cook for the further 6 minutes.

If cooking in the slow cooker instead of the pressure cooker you can add all ingredients at the start (after browning the meat) and cook on low for 8-12 hours.




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