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Reduce Your Electricity Bills!

One sure fire way of cutting electricity costs is not having kids around! Discipline and routine are the key words for keeping your bills down enabling you to either live more within your means or generally saving money which could be better spent elsewhere.

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Get The Best Electricity Deal

Search around for the best deals and get what's best for your needs, not theirs! Energyhelpline.com help customers save money on their gas & electricity, home phone and heating insurance through a price comparison service. The service is only available for UK residents.

The service is free of charge, impartial, independent and is certified by Energywatch the regulatory body. Energy Helpline

Many people swear by paying bills with direct debit. For fixed amounts ie car insurance etc., this may be good. With electricity this can be both good and bad. You may find that you are paying too much and have to wait until the end of the stated year before you get an adjustment or refund or pay too little and have a nasty shock at the end of it.

Remember, if the energy supplier owes you, they're gaining interest out of the money they 'have banked' in your name. Check your bills.

Cutting Your Electricity Bill Tips

  • Always switch lights off when leaving a room and please use energy saving light bulbs
  • Don't leave TV's and other entertainment electricals on standby (Up to 26% of your electricity is used this way)
  • Always buy the best energy efficient kitchen appliances
  • Use a kettle to boil water to put in a saucepan for cooking. It'll take a lot less time than an electric stove.
  • Always keep the lid on the pan when simmering or boiling water on the stove.
  • Use microwaves for the smaller cooking jobs, they use less than half the electricity of a normal stove
  • Regularly defrost your refrigerator or freezer and avoid opening the door too often.

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