Country Spirits – Country & Hedgerow Drinks

We’ve a great tradition in Britain of making alcoholic drinks and liqueurs from the most unlikely hedgerow and garden ingredients. Often these were basically just adding flavouring to spirits.

In England at least, the cheapest spirit was gin. Gin was very variable in quality and flavour, hence many recipes use gin as the base spirit. I would suggest that today’s gin, being usually of good quality is not the perfect spirit and that a cheap vodka would be more appropriate.

Marrow Rum

Marrow Rum Recipe – How to Make Marrow Rum

Marrow rum is actually more of a marrow wine made in an unusual fashion. It's started in the marrow itself. Read the full traditional recipe here

Sloe Gin Recipe

Traditional Sloe Gin Recipes – How to Make Sloe Gin

These traditional sloe gin recipes come from my grandfather's wine recipes book. I've expanded and clarified them to make things easier for beginners.

Damson Wine Recipe

Damson Gin – How to Make Damson Gin or Vodka

Damson gin or vodka is very easy to make and provides a warming liqueur to drink on a cold winter's night. Find out how here

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