Mead, Metheglin & Honey Wine Recipes – Home Brewing

Honey has been used in wines and for making mead and metheglin for as long as people have been gathering honey. This selection of recipes includes both traditional and modern.

beekeeper's mead recipe

Beekeeper’s Mead Recipe

This modern beekeeper's mead recipe is designed to use the water after washing the cappings but can be adapted to just use honey.

Walnut Mead Recipe

Old Walnut Mead Recipe

A simple and easy traditional walnut mead recipe dating back to at least the 1700's producing an unusual flavoured drink.

Metheglin Mead Recipe

Metheglin (Mead) Recipe – How to Make Metheglin

Metheglin is a type of mead, in which spices are used. It's slightly more complicated to make than mead but not difficult as this recipe shows.

Rosehip Mead Recipe

Rosehip Mead Recipe – How to Make Rosehip Mead

This simple, traditional rosehip mead recipe combines rosehips with honey and the resulting mead is exceptional. Well worth the effort of foraging the hips

Dry Mead Recipe

Simple Sweet Mead Recipe

This sweet mead recipe is one of the simplest mead recipes I have found, it's ingredients being basically just honey and water. An easy method too!

Dry Mead Recipe

Simple Dry Mead Recipe

This dry mead recipe is one of the simplest, most pure mead recipes I have found, it's ingredients being basically just honey and water. An easy method too!

Ancient Mead Recipe

Ancient Mead Recipe

This ancient mead recipe is based on a recipe found in an 18th century book. We show the original and an easy modern version for home mead production.

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