Hot Ginger Wine Recipe

This ginger wine recipe produces a dark, strongly-flavoured, warm ginger wine – ideal for taking the chill off a cold winter night. Especially good when fortified with a splash of scotch in the glass.

Ginger Wine RecipeI’ve come across a number of variations on this ginger wine recipe; many, if not most, use less ginger but that’s up to you. Anyway, the whisky will dilute it! My grandfather reckoned it a sovereign remedy to ward off a cold if you got chilled or soaked in the rain.

Ingredients for hot ginger wine recipe

  • 2 to 4 oz Root Ginger
  • 2 Oranges
  • 2 Lemons
  • ½ lb Raisins, chopped
  • 3½ lb Demerara Sugar
  • 1 Gallon Water
  • Wine Yeast
  • Yeast Nutrient

Method for hot ginger wine recipe

Zest and juice the oranges and lemons. Roughly chop the raisins. Put all into a lidded wine bucket.

Grate and  crush the ginger, place in a pan with the sugar and water. Bring to the boil stirring to dissolve the sugar and simmer for half an hour. Keep the water topped up to the gallon if it reduces.

Pour the hot water onto the zest and raisins in the wine bucket and stir. Leave to cool.

When the temperature has fallen to 20°C add the yeast and yeast nutrient. Leave in a warm place for 10 days with the lid on, stirring daily.

Strain off into a demijohn, fit the airlock and leave in a warm place to ferment.

Once its finished fermenting, rack off and taste. If it’s not sweet enough add a little more sugar or even dark honey. Leave under the airlock for a week and then stop with a Campden tablet if necessary prior to bottling.

Options to Ginger Wine Recipe

  • Leave out the oranges and or the lemons
  • Vary the amount of raisins
  • Add a few cloves at the start
  • Add a chilli pepper at the start

This wine can be enjoyed young but it does mature with age.

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4 comments on “Hot Ginger Wine Recipe
  1. Mark vann says:

    Just tried ginger wine from your recipe, minus the orange and lemon. Excellent!

  2. John says:

    Used this recipe:
    1 lbs Ginger root.
    12 lbs Moreno Raw cane sugar
    7 lemons zested & juiced
    5 oranges zested & juiced
    4-1/2 RO water.
    1 lbs chopped raisins.

    Must was unbelievably good. It’s 10 days / 1070sg into primary and I am a little concerned that the Ginger is way in your face. Hope it tones down a wee bit!

  3. David W Smith says:

    In your recipe you suggest “splash of scotch in the glass.” but then go on to state “Anyway, the whiskey will dilute it!”

    Whiskey is Irish, Whisky is Scotch!


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