Cheap Train Travel Reduce Rail Travel Costs

It’s a national disgrace how much our trains cost when the government claims to want to encourage public transport and lower carbon emissions. In many ways, the railway gets very bad press due to poor service and high prices yet these are both the result of lack of investment which has gone to road travel instead.

Cheap Train Travel

Virgin Pendelino Train – Comfort and Speed except when overcrowded at peak times.

The cost difference between car and train is debatable, but even if there’s only one travelling or a couple of you, the train gives you the chance to see the wonderful countryside which is around us or work or just relax.

And we’re not burning money sitting in a traffic jam getting wound up.

Traffic Jams

The Alternative isn’t Appealing!

Cheap Train Travel Against Using the Car

However, booked on the day, train travel is very expensive but there are ways to dramatically reduce the cost.

Railcards for Cheap Train Travel

There are many Railcards available which will save you money on almost any trip you make with savings up to one third off normal price. Always try and book a couple of weeks before and it’s well worth using the as they find the best fare for you.

Beside rail cards, if you plan your travel to major cities, you can save considerately travelling after certain times, so check different time options out. The trains are more comfortable off peak as well.

Travellers to London can save money on buying a ‘One Day Travelcard’ which will include zones on the London Underground system – These are extremely good value and you can use it all day long on as many journeys as you want.

Railcards Available to Reduce Train Costs

Young Persons Railcard

You must be aged between 16 and 25 or be a Mature Student.(if mature, you must supply proof you attend a place of education for 25 hours a week or more).

Family Railcard

Kids’ get 60% off and adults save 1/3 on most rail fares throughout Britain for a whole year. Up to 4 adults and 4 children can travel on the one card – so you can help your friends save too.

Senior Railcard

If you’re 60 or over, you can save 1/3 on most Standard and First class rail fares throughout Britain with a Senior Railcard.
Note: Check your local authority – some give these to senior citizens for nothing

Network Railcard

These apply to people in the Southern Counties (old ‘Network South East). With one of these you get 33% off for adults and up to 60% off for the kids

Disabled Railcard

If you are a registered disabled person, this card will get you up to 33% off your rail fares

Please note – the above cards are not free, but quite cheap enough to save you money on quite a short term basis. Please go to The Railcard Website for full and up to date details

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