Gutter Cleaning Tips

There aren’t many jobs around the house that are as tedious as having to clean out your gutter. Whilst it might not be the most glamorous of chores it is certainly a necessity to make sure the guttering around your home is clean and clear of all potential obstacles and blockages that have accumulated over the last few months.

Gutter Cleaning TipsBlocked gutters can lead to water spilling down the walls and eventually causing damp problems inside your property. These can be both expensive to sort and cause black mould growth which is a health hazard. If it gets to this point, it may be worth looking at an external firm such as Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Little Rock, to make sure that you’re not doing more harm than good if you choose to take it on yourself.

Next time you head up to the roof, make your job a little bit easier by following our expert tips:


Before you slam your ladder in place and hastily head up the rungs to begin cleaning out your guttering make sure that you are safe and secure. Working at height such as this can be dangerous and there are a number of hazards to consider.

Ensure that the ladder you are using is safe and sturdy and at the right angle. Too shallow and it can fall over with you on it, leading to serious injury.

Even more importantly make sure the ground beneath is secure. Dependent on the weather or time of the year the ground may be soft and uneven which will affect your balance when you climb the ladder. Make sure you are able to stand steady and firm at the top when reaching up to clear the gutter area.


There are plenty of special tools that will very much help with your gutter cleaning endeavour. You can use a rake to help clear leaves and other debris from the roof then you can utilise a gutter scoop to scrape out all the dirt and muck that has accrued in those months when your guttering was neglected. Once the larger pieces have been removed you can use a simple garden hose with reasonable water pressure to clean out the rest or a jet washer.

To prevent future build up there are now a plethora of options on the market and we recommend that you consider introducing hedgehog gutter brushes, which are available from trade suppliers like Jewson Tools.

The brush features a stainless steel wire core and polypropylene bristles which blocks out leaves and other waste and debris whilst still letting water flow freely through. There are also plenty of flexible and extendable gutter cleaning products on the market so make sure you do your research to find out which one may work best for you.


Cleaning out large chunks of mulch and debris from your gutter can and most likely will be a dirty job. In some cases you may find other discarded fragments of broken roof tiles, dead insects or other rubbish and waste dropped by overhead birds so it’s important to wear the right gear to protect yourself.

Suitable gloves will make sure you don’t pick up any unnecessary cuts and scrapes and protective eyewear or goggles could be crucial especially when pressure cleaning your gutter as you could end up with something accidentally flying up into your eye.

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