Green Living with a Toddler

It has been a while since I last posted and a lot has changed since this blog was originally set up and green living as a singleton is a whole lot easier than with a young family!

We are now a family of three, with a glaring or moggies and a couple of back garden hens. The house is a lot bigger, but the garden is still compact and laid to lawn and flowers so container growing will be essential again this summer. We are lucky to live near to my parents who have and their smallholding which means larger scale veg growing and poultry keeping, so hopefully in the growing months we can be more self sufficient at least in terms of fresh vegetables.

These are just a few of the things we do to try to be greener and to save some money:

Cloth Nappies

Cloth NappiesSince Gabriel was born we have cloth bummed him as much as possible. I have to admit that sometimes we do pop on a disposable, but most of the time he wears cloth. The reason we started using cloth nappies was simple – cost! It is cheaper to use cloth nappies than it is to use disposables, and it has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly and far kinder on the baby/toddler’s bum.

Vegetables and Herbs

We try to grow our own veg and herbs as much as possible. In summer months this means lots of fresh salads and plenty of pickling to store the glut!

Meat, Dairy & Fish

We do eat meat, dairy and fish and try to choose organic options. However, this can prove costly so we keep meat/fish main meals to twice a week. Vegan and vegetarian cooking is cheaper and just as tasty.

Recycle and Reuse

We try to make use of everything! The windows have just been replaced and the old frames are now at the smallholding ready for a new project, the if we buy something in a jar we keep it and use for jams and chutneys, cardboard makes for good kindling and in general before we dispose of something we have a good think about whether we could reuse it.


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