Saving Money When Times are Tough

The news is awash daily about the cost of living crisis and everyone is starting to notice the increases in food, fuel, and utility costs.

Fresh Bread - Cheap Meals

Baking and Home Education

Baking and cooking from scratch are important life skills that also offer an opportunity for children to learn by reading, weighing, and making themselves.

Gabriel looking through a parasol pole pretentding to be a pirate.

Home Educating & Bulk Cooking

This month we made the decision to embark on home educating Gabriel. It now means less time, more fun, and a lot of new ways we need to balance the budget.

Growing Pains and Disposable Fashion

Gabe has shot up again and new clothes and shoes made me think about how many buy into disposable fashion, and its environmental and financial impact.

Kenwood Mixer & Attachments

Making Meat Stretch & Cheap Cuts of Meat

To keep on budget in the New Year it helps making your meat stretch with rumble down meals, or buying cheap cuts of meat and trying offal to reduce costs.

Gabe Cooking and Toys

2016 Round-Up – What a Year!

2016 was a far harder year than we anticipated, and financially it kocked us about more than anticipated. 2017 is time to get back on track!

It’s One Thing After Another so Back to Meal Planning!

With so much having gone on recently we've really not stuck to budget. Time to get back to meal planning and on track with financial fasting and saving.

Beef Bones for Stock or Broth

New Home and Frugal Fast Reboot

We've restarted our frugal fast and are back on track after a chaotic and stressful house move. Back to meal planning and frugality!

Toddler in a boat on a beach

Sunny Days with Packing & Down Sizing Time

We are having to pack up and move in the next couple of months, this will mean down sizing too. We're still making the most of the sunny days though.

Messy Baby who is Baby Led Weaning

Family Meals and Baby-led Weaning

Keeping to a budget with family meals and a young family can be hard. Baby-led weaning and breastfeeding helped keep things cheap and healthy for us.

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