Green & Easy Toiletries – Deodorants

The supermarket shelves are saturated with deodorising products and a major concern for a lot of people is that they don’t sweat or smell in public. The problem is that most people know very little about the products they are…

Soap Making Self-Sufficiency by Sarah Ade

I was very kindly sent a copy of this book and am now inspired to have a go at home soaps. In the past I have made home shampoos and body washes with the help of my left over soap…

Green & Easy Toiletries – Toothpaste

Until a recent bout of sensitivity I wasn’t even aware that the same chemicals SLS/SLES used as foaming in bath and shower products is also used to foam your toothpaste in your mouth.   Again, a good reason for reading…

Green & Easy Toiletries – Lotions & Potions

As with body washes and shampoos there are so many creams and potions for your skin on the market that it’s difficult to decide what to buy or try next. Advertising claims that you will look younger or have fresher…

Alternative Sanitary Products

This is an area that is rapidly expanding as people realise that products created for ease of use are not necessarily the best for you or the environment.   Tampons and sanitary towels dominate our landfills and are regularly flushed…

Green & Easy Toiletries – Washes

In a consumer society used to buying products based on pretty packaging and special offers the average household now has on average over 50 different toiletry products with only 10 being used on a daily basis by the occupants. When…

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