Financial Fast

Gabriel looking through a parasol pole pretentding to be a pirate.

Home Educating & Bulk Cooking

This month we made the decision to embark on home educating Gabriel. It now means less time, more fun, and a lot of new ways we need to balance the budget.

Gabe Cooking and Toys

2016 Round-Up – What a Year!

2016 was a far harder year than we anticipated, and financially it kocked us about more than anticipated. 2017 is time to get back on track!

It’s One Thing After Another so Back to Meal Planning!

With so much having gone on recently we've really not stuck to budget. Time to get back to meal planning and on track with financial fasting and saving.

Messy Baby who is Baby Led Weaning

Family Meals and Baby-led Weaning

Keeping to a budget with family meals and a young family can be hard. Baby-led weaning and breastfeeding helped keep things cheap and healthy for us.

Gabe Steering the Ship

Life gets in the way of Living! Slow Cooker to the Rescue.

The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least., Thankfully some savvy shopping and the slow cooker has helped keep us on track.

Store Cupboard

Supermarket Shopping Savings

When supermarket shopping you can makes savings, even without reductions, if you shop savvy and online.

save money on broadband

How I Just Saved £162 on Broadband

I've just saved £162.00 on broadband – it took me less than 40 minutes and not even the hassle of changing suppliers! Here's how I did it so you can too

LPG Gas Tank

Save Money On LPG – How we saved over £1,000 on our gas supply

I saved £1172 on LPG by shopping about. If you are on LPG (Calor, Flogas, Avanti) then you need to read this.

Toddler on the Beach Pointing at the Sea

The Best Things in Life Are Free – Free Children’s Activities

There are so many free children's activities for sunny days and wet home days. From geocaching to messy play. Anything to tire the little tots out!

Financial Planning

Financial Fast Update

We are heading into 2016 with a mission to keep to our financial fast and end the year with a decent savings pot and less clutter too!

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