Toddler going down the slide in sunglasses

Home Grown Vegetables & Summer Sun

Growing vegetables on the patio is really easy, and helps make up for the fact we are currently poultry-less after the fox got our flock.

Gary & Gabe having a water fight

Summer Sun & Slow Cookers

The summer sun has arrived and that has meant lovely afternoons playing in the garden, and the Aga turned off before we boil!

Spring Time Sun

Spring Was Here: Briefly!

Spring is finally on the way it feels, and that means free days out and a happier and healthier family.

Green Living with a Toddler

It has been a while since I last posted and a lot has changed since this blog was originally set up and green living as a singleton is a whole lot easier than with a young family! We are now…

Chooks & Ducks

Keeping chickens and ducks not only gives you lovely fresh eggs but also helps you have a greener garden and closer association with your food and where it comes from.


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