Day One! Financial Fast

It is 1st November 2015 and today we start our year long frugal spending financial fast. To start us off we have been going through our cupboards, fridge, and freezer, to see what we have in stock.
Fridge & Cupboard Lists
From this we have created a month long meal plan as well as printing out the list on the side of the fridge to strike off bits as they are used. There is so much in there that other than fresh fruit and veg, dairy, and a few household items, we will not need to spend much at all this month.

Financial Fast

Normally we will have a £40 a week budget for food & household, but for the next four weeks we will be sticking to £15 a week, with any left over going into the savings pot.

Declutter Time

We’ve also gone through our clothing and made a pile of those that have been outgrown by little one; which are separated into save, repurpose, sell, and charity shop. Any of our old clothes (some old tees of Gary’s with holes in or fraying edges) will be repurposed into clothing for Gabriel as more than enough usable fabric for a pair of trousers of long sleeved tee for him. I’m lucky enough to have both a sewing machine and serger, neither are fancy models, but they do the job and mean we can make do and mend with ease.

We will also this month be going through each room to declutter. Anything that hasn’t been used for 6 months will go into the sell or charity shop pile. Obviously some things will hold sentimental or decorative value and will remain, but I am more thinking gadgets, toys, or similar for this one. I have previously used the konmari method, although many things have found there way back in, and I’m fed up of the extra mess to tidy and dust!

Frugal Yule

With Yule sneaking up fast we will also be planning what to make. With a no spending on gifts rule we are scouring pinterest to find crafty ideas for Gabriel to make, and trying to forage the last of the blackberries on the track to make some more jam. We are also going to say to relatives not to send us presents this year, they can buy for little one if they choose, but we are happy with good wishes alone – hopefully this will help stop the cycle of spending for more than just us.

Starting the Day

Fruit SmoothieToday we started the first day of our financial fast with smoothies. There was a lot of food debris knocking around the fridge – some berries, kale, carrots, and pears – that looked past their best, but still usable. Neither Gary nor Gabe will entertain drinking a green Smoothie, so the kale was all mine!

I made two batches up and everyone enjoyed theirs, with Gabe having a good few glugs of Gary’s too. I’ll be making soup for lunch to use up the rest of the vegetable debris, and dinner tonight is veggie toad in the hole.

Simple Batter Recipe

A really budget friendly way to bulk up a meal is to make yorkshire puddings, whether that be as a side dish, or part of the main as we are having tonight. We are lucky enough to have fresh eggs daily from our girls, and pretty much always have some sort of milk and flour in, so it makes a simple cheap eat.

You need a really hot oven for Yorkshires, and get the oil really hot too before adding the batter mix:

  • 140g plain flour
  • 200ml milk (can use milk subs for this such as unsweetened soya or oat if dairy free)
  • 4 medium eggs
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Oil for cooking

Mix the batter up an hour or so ahead of cooking, then let it rest. Make sure the oil is smoking hot and pour in the batter mix. The puddings will take 20-25 minutes, but don’t peek until 20 mins in, losing heat will lose the rise! You can freeze up once cooled any extra, and then just defrost and crisp up in the oven for a super fast meal.

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