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The supermarket shelves are saturated with deodorising products and a major concern for a lot of people is that they don’t sweat or smell in public. The problem is that most people know very little about the products they are spraying on their underarms and bodies. The most common problem caused by antiperspirant deodorants in particular is the blocking of hair follicles leading to inflamed underarm and body rashes.


A more concerning issue in that the use of parabens as with body washes and shampoos has been linked with a mimic of the female hormone oestrogen and studies are ongoing to establish if this is linked with increased levels of breast cancer. Although these studies are ongoing and the results not yet clear I am of the opinion of better safe than sorry and as such I researched into alternatives.


There are many alternatives to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants on the market. Organic chemical free sprays and roll-ons can be purchased, but in my experience the most cost effective and sweat effective option is the mineral stone/natural crystal deodorant. This works by naturally preventing the build up of bacteria (the bacteria is what makes your perspiration smell) as the mineral salts provide a natural protection layer and neutralise the whiff before it even begins.


These initially cost more than an ordinary deodorant retailing at around £5, but the stone itself lasts a lot longer (my current stone is at month 6 and is only 1/3 used). They are simple to use: when you get out of the bath or shower apply to wet skin underarm, or if not showing wet the crystal and then apply to your underarms in the same way as a roll-on. These are also great for rubbing on whiffy feet in the summer.


There are now spray versions and scented spray versions available for those who prefer this method and these again last longer than conventional sprays and are therefore long-term cost effective. As this doesn’t act as an antiperspirant you will continue to perspire, the same as you would with an ordinary deodorant, but this never smells and unless you suffer from extreme perspiration this never causes any problems, nor is it noticeable.

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