Home Grown Vegetables & Summer Sun

Toddler going down the slide in sunglassesThe weather has been amazing this past two weeks. We’ve had so much fun outside, and the best part is it is all free!

Days on the beach, walks in the woods and hills, splashing around in the paddling pool, and generally making the most of the sunshine whilst it lasts. In North Wales this is rare – a solid stretch of good weather. Last Summer just felt like a continuation of Winter, so I’m excited we may get a good one this year to make up for it.

Vegetable Growing in Small Spaces

Another good point with the sunny weather has been the veg we are growing on the patio is thriving. Although we miss the chickens after Naughty Mr Fox came and ate them, being able to grown veg on the patio without them demolishing it is certainly a boon.Vegetable and flower pots on the patio

Many people think you need a large garden to grow veg, but that isn’t true. Even if in a flat or house with no garden you can grow some windowsill herbs and vegetables. On a patio or small garden you can grow lots of things in pots – salad veg are great for this – and use raised beds or square-foot gardening techniques.

Over on the Allotment Garden site we have a great book offer if you want to try Vegetable Growing in Small Spaces which includes £12.00 of free seeds to get you started.

Buckwheat Pancakes

I’m currently loving the warm weather, but with it being so warm we have had to turn the Aga off as the kitchen and bedroom above became unbearably warm.

I’ve been making lots of recipes that use either the electric pressure cooker, health grill, or the single hob induction that we have. Buckwheat pancakes have been making a regular appearance as a result.pancakes

Gluten free for those who can’t tolerate it, great for either savoury or sweet – this one pictured was salad, olives, and sardines which was delicious – and they take minutes to whip up. I reckon for those who need gluten free lasagne replacements you could roll these with fillings such as spinach and ricotta, cover in a tomato sauce, and they would be amazing.

I have a Buckwheat Sourdough for gluten free baking and all I did was substitute buckwheat for normal wheat in this Pancake Recipe and added an extra 30ml milk. If no sourdough starter just miss that ingredient out, the mix will still work really well – if you try them let me know, I hope you enjoy them!


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