A Month In – Financial Fast

We are a month into our financial fast and things are going well!

There have been a couple of unplanned expenses – all medical related though! A poorly toddler meant we needed some meds and a poorly knee for Gary meant a second daily knee brace. Nothing expensive, and all under £15 of non-planned expenditure.

Food & household budget wise we have ended with £18 left in the piggy bank. The freezer is a lot less full, but the cupboards are far from bare. Next month we will be sticking to £40 a week, although we have decided on £60 for Yuletide mainly because we will be feeding more people and turkey is expensive!

How do we feel?

I feel great for not spending this month. We have written down anything we wanted and at the end of the month actually they were all impulse things that really we didn’t want/need  – so it is really helping retrain our spending habits. Little one may disagree as there was the inevitable toddler upset at not being allowed to empty the toy section in Home Bargains, although it isn’t as though normally we would let him anyway!

Five Day Chicken

A Cooked Whole Roast ChickenWhilst working through the freezer I found a lovely 1.75kg free range chicken tucked away at the bottom. This has pretty much fed us for meat for the past week!

Day 1 – Roast Chicken dinner. We had just over one breast between the three of us. They were huge and our plates were very full, with lots of veggies too to bulk it out.

Day 2 – Chicken & Mushroom Pie. I had half a punnet of mushrooms looking sad in the fridge so used them up along with the meat from one leg and wing and a little creamed gravy plus spices and made a pastry topper for it. There was actually enough for a main meal and leftovers for Gary’s lunch the next day too.

Day 3 – Risotto. I’ve then used the rest of the breast meat to add into a veg risotto. Simple, filling, and enjoyed by everyone.

Day 4 – Fajitas. Having stripped the second leg and the rest of the meat off the bird we had fajitas with peppers and onion filling, plus lots of salad.

Day 5 – The bones are currently simmering away making a delicious stock in the slow cooker (I have this one). I’ll make us a warming chicken soup, some fresh bread, and then freeze up any left over stock for another day.

This was a big chicken, and there are only 3 of us (although the cats have had a few little bits too!), but it goes to show just how far you can stretch a joint of meat and avoid waste.

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