Family Meals and Baby-led Weaning

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As a family we try to eat as organically as possible. This is hard though when on a tight budget each month. While carrying out our financial fast since November of last year we have found the toughest area to

Summer Sun & Slow Cookers

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The Summer sun is here and it is so lovely and warm it feels almost as though Summer has arrived early. We’ve spent as much time as we could outside, which with a toddler means lots of fun. From water

Spring Was Here: Briefly!

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We’ve had a few lovely days over the past few weeks, never two consecutively sadly, but a glimpse of Spring on the way. Unfortunately as I write this the rain has come back in, the fields are again flooded, and

Life gets in the way of Living! Slow Cooker to the Rescue.

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Sometimes everything groups together at once, work, personal, health, and with so much to be done it feels you are achieving nothing. Only once out of the other side do you start to get some perspective on the whole situation

Stretching Your Budget

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When times are tough often the first place people look to cut back is the food budget. For us is actually comes in about third down the line when it comes to budgeting. Checking Your Utility & Insurance Prices Firstly

Supermarket Shopping Savings

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When it comes to supermarket shopping often the best way to do it is head over at reduction times, then plan your meals around whatever bargains you pick up. At least that is how I used to do it before

How I Just Saved £162 on Broadband

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I’ve just saved £162.00 on broadband – it took me less than 40 minutes and not even the hassle of changing suppliers! Having saved over £1,000 on LPG I was on a roll, so I turned my eye onto our

Save Money On LPG – How we saved over £1,000 on our gas supply

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Our main fuel is LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), which is delivered to a large tank in the garden and from there it feeds the heating boiler and cooker. When we moved here we contacted the supplier whose name was on

The Best Things in Life Are Free – Free Children’s Activities

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The weather is yet again wet and extremely windy here in North Wales. Yesterday Caernarfon airport registered gusts of 103mph. We were lucky though last week that we had a good few days of sunshine and a chance to get

Financial Fast Update

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Christmas derailed the Financial Fast a little. A few extras snuck into the shopping trolley, mainly for little one, and food that we normally wouldn’t buy slipped in too. It was around £50 of spending we hadn’t budgeted for, so

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