Gary & Gabe having a water fight

Summer Sun & Slow Cookers

The summer sun has arrived and that has meant lovely afternoons playing in the garden, and the Aga turned off before we boil!

Spring Time Sun

Spring Was Here: Briefly!

Spring is finally on the way it feels, and that means free days out and a happier and healthier family.

Gabe Steering the Ship

Life gets in the way of Living! Slow Cooker to the Rescue.

The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least., Thankfully some savvy shopping and the slow cooker has helped keep us on track.

Savoury Pancakes

Stretching Your Budget

When it comes to stretching your monthly budget there is more to be done than just cutting back on the grocery budget.

Store Cupboard

Supermarket Shopping Savings

When supermarket shopping you can makes savings, even without reductions, if you shop savvy and online.

Financial Planning

Financial Fast Update

We are heading into 2016 with a mission to keep to our financial fast and end the year with a decent savings pot and less clutter too!

Freshly Baked Bread

Baking Bread & Healing Broth

After another bout of sickness today was about baking bread and making healing broth to fill up delicate stomachs. Healing food at its best!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome Frugal Living in 2016

We are looking forward to frugal living in 2016 and carrying on with our financial fast.

A Cooked Whole Roast Chicken

A Month In – Financial Fast

To keep on track with our Financial Fast I made a chicken last five meals keeping us fed for most of the week!

Frugal Food

So Far, So Good Budget Wise & Free Food

Eating on a budget is made easier when you sign up for free food and other freebie schemes such as Tesco Orchard and Bzz Agent.

Low Cost Living – The Book

Low Cost Living

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Spend Less!

You can be happy living a more frugal sustainable life

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