Easy to Make Flavoured Oils & Spiced Vinegar Recipes

These are the latest easy to make, home made flavoured oils and spiced vinegar recipes from the authors of the  best selling Easy Jams, Chutneys & Preserves on the allotment garden web site. The links will open in a new window and take you directly to them.

Home Made Flavoured Oils Vinegar RecipesA lot of pickles and relishes are preserved in spiced vinegars. The spices used vary enormously according to the recipe and to individual taste

You can buy ready spiced or pickling vinegars, but making your own gives you even more control over the whole process. Cooking should be a creative art not an assembly line!

Home made vinegars have many uses and are cheap to make. Herb and vegetable ones add interest to salad dressings and can be used in stews, soups, sauces etc. Fruit vinegars make refreshing drinks diluted with water or soda and add flavouring to desserts. White wine vinegar is usually the best one to use for these.

There was a time when wine vinegar was quite expensive and difficult to find in the shops but nowadays you can pick it up anywhere and it’s very affordable.

Home Made Flavoured Oils – Recipes