Home Made Relish Recipes – How to Make Relishes

These are the latest easy to make relish recipes from the authors of the  best selling Easy Jams, Chutneys & Preserves on the allotment garden web site. The links will open in a new window and take you directly to them.

Home Made Relish RecipesRelishes are very versatile, some will go well with cooked meals, especially curries, and some are just right for adding a little punch to a summer salad. Relishes will mature in storage but they’re usually fine to eat after just a week.

Relishes tend to be half way between a chutney and a pickle. Although they use the same kinds of fruits and vegetables, the finished texture tends to be different. The fruit or vegetables are cut into small pieces or coarsely chopped and a combination of spices and flavourings are used to make them sweet, sour, spiced etc. The preservative is the vinegar which should be above 5% acetic content.

Not all relishes require cooking and, those that do, take a shorter time than chutneys so that the ingredients keep their shape. This makes them quick and easy to make. You will need the same equipment as for making chutneys.

Home Made Relish Recipes

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